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With vein sclerotherapy, you can get rid of unsightly spider veins through a simple in-office procedure. The dedicated practitioners at Passion Aesthetics NYC offer comfortable and effective vein sclerotherapy treatments for men and women in the Upper East Side of New York City. Book your vein sclerotherapy evaluation today by calling the medical spa directly to schedule or send a message online.

Vein Sclerotherapy Q & A

How does vein sclerotherapy work?

Vein sclerotherapy, a medical vein treatment in practice for almost a hundred years, involves injecting a specialized chemical solution into problem veins. This safe and sterile formulary causes targeted veins to collapse, so blood can no longer pool in the area.

Because these veins are now damaged and no longer in use, blood starts recirculating to healthier veins nearby. Over time, your treated spider veins and vascular lesions get absorbed by your body and gradually fade away.

What happens during vein sclerotherapy?

Your vein sclerotherapy treatment from Passion Aesthetics NYC is entirely personalized to you and it’s perfectly safe to treat more than one area during a single visit. During your service, your vein care expert thoroughly sterilizes your treatment area.

They use a very fine needle to slowly administer the chemical solution directly into unsightly veins. Once your vein sclerotherapy is complete — it takes only a few minutes — you need to wear either a bandage or a compression stocking to promote healing.

After your vein sclerotherapy session, your practitioner at Passion Aesthetics NYC counsels you on how to care for the treated area while it’s healing and can let you know how long you need to wear any bandage or compression stocking (sometimes up to two weeks). They can also give you tips on how to avoid developing unsightly veins in the future.

Since vein sclerotherapy leads to temporary inflammation during the healing process, you need to avoid sun exposure to the treated areas or apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen regularly. Sun exposure can worsen inflammation and even lead to dark spots.

Is there downtime with vein sclerotherapy?

Not at all. One of the many reasons vein sclerotherapy continues to remain at the forefront of modern vein treatments is because you can achieve healthier, more even-toned skin, with no downtime. You can easily schedule your vein sclerotherapy treatment at Passion Aesthetics NYC during your lunch hour and return to work and all of your regular activities immediately afterward.

To learn more about advanced vein sclerotherapy treatments, book a consultation at Passion Aesthetics NYC. Click on the online contact form or call to speak with a team member today.

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