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With modern chin and jaw augmentation procedures, you can improve the size and shape of your jawline to enhance your appearance. The skilled practitioners at Passion Aesthetics NYC offer personalized chin and jaw augmentation services in the Upper East Side of New York City. Find out if this minimally invasive cosmetic procedure is right for you by booking a consultation over the phone today. You can also use the online contact form to request additional information.

Chin & Jaw Augmentation Q & A

Why do I need a chin and jaw augmentation?

Modern chin and jaw augmentation procedures are entirely personalized and often performed under local anesthesia. Medically known as a genioplasty, a chin and jaw augmentation can:

  • Define your jawline
  • Enhance your profile
  • Resolve a recessed chin
  • Improve the balance of facial features

The implant itself is made from a biocompatible material, such as silicone, and is molded to fit around your chin or jaw bone. They vary in size, shape, and contour, so your chin and jaw augmentation procedure at Passion Aesthetics NYC can be entirely tailored to your specific concerns and facial shape.

Your chin and jaw implant is a durable medical device that’s intended to be permanent, so you can enjoy your enhanced appearance for years to come.

What happens during a chin and jaw augmentation?

During your chin and jaw augmentation procedure, your dedicated practitioner provides local anesthesia with sedation, so you’re relaxed and comfortable (you may even fall asleep). The next step involves making a small incision underneath your chin or inside of your mouth, depending on your specific needs.

Through this small incision, your practitioner creates a space for your chin implant and strategically fits it around your chin and jaw bone. They seal your incision with surgical glue or sutures. The entire chin and jaw augmentation procedure from Passion Aesthetics NYC typically takes less than an hour.

How long is the recovery after a chin and jaw augmentation?

Because of the sedation — occasionally general anesthesia is even needed — you’re going to need a ride home after your chin and jaw augmentation procedure. Plan on taking it easy for a day or two as the effects of the sedation wear off and your incision starts to heal.

You can usually return to work and most of your regular activities within about seven days. Your practitioner from Passion Aesthetics NYC may recommend avoiding strenuous activities for a little longer until your incision heals.

Discomfort is minimal, and you can take pain relievers as recommended, in addition to applying ice packs at regular intervals to reduce swelling for the first couple of weeks.

The team at Passion Aesthetics NYC may have you come back in for a follow-up appointment within a week or two of surgery to ensure you’re properly healing. Once healing is complete, your results are entirely natural, so it’s usually impossible to tell you’ve had a chin and jaw augmentation.

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Individual results may vary.